“But it’s in the face of devastation, after the tsunami that
hit Japan in 2011 and ensuing nuclear explosion in Fukushima,
that Makoto truly grounded his practice in the imperative of respecting the fabric of natural environments,
of striking a delicate balance between its parts – such as flowers –
and our actions.
Witnessing the scale of this man-made catastrophe,
he apologetically bows down in grief and humility.
His art is a prayer, he says, between the recognition of nature’s generosity and the wish to make it justice.”
- Montreal’s International Festival of Films on Art
For Akimbo 

“Il y a certaines maladies que les docteurs occidentaux ne comprennent pas et ne peuvent pas identifier ; certaines choses leur échappent, car elles sont d’ordre spirituel”, explique Masingita.


Sehnsucht: "An intense yearning for something far off and undefinable." REST IN POWER PLANTS MUSEUMS ART SPIRITUAL DEUIL BERLIN BIENNALE FOOD ART