Video recording  #1 - Monuments 

                                                          Emii Alrai, 2020

                         Conversation notes, May 2020, Emii 

                        Colonial histories - modern monuments devoid of histories which create ruptures in current histories
                        > western museology uses forms.// the structure of disembedded capital to enforce new patterns of ownership - disembedding and disembodying artefact.
                        Museum becomes an active base of territorial state and settlement.

                                                   Video #2 - Mascarade

                                          Conversation notes - June 2020 - Eve                                         
                                          The garden as a performance
                                          Teatro di verzura - italian gardens where theatre plays would be held


                                                                                                      Eve Tagny, 2020

Emii Alrai - Eve Tagny Monuments Research Landscape vs Gardens Research